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Rate Premiums

Premium Information

We, Health Net Life Insurance Company (HNL), can only raise your premium if we raise the premium for all policies like yours in California. Premiums in this Outline of Coverage will increase periodically due to the increase in your age. Upon attainment of an age requiring a rate increase, the renewal premium for the Medicare Supplement Plan Policy will be the renewal premium in effect for your attained age. You will receive written notification of any changes in payment fees at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the new rate. Your premium will also be adjusted when you move to a county in a different rating region as set out in this Outline of Coverage. The adjustment will be effective on the first of the month following your change of address.

HNL provides an initial 6-month rate guarantee to members enrolling for the first time into an HNL Medicare Supplement plan. During your 6-month rate guarantee period, your premium will not increase even if HNL has a rate increase or you have a birthday which moves you into the next higher age rate bracket. If, during your 6-month rate guarantee period, you choose to enroll in a different HNL Medicare Supplement plan, your 6-month rate guarantee period will end, and you will be charged the premium for the new plan selected.

HNL offers various payment options: monthly billing and Automatic Bank Draft (ABD)

The term of your health plan is month-to-month, commencing on the date set forth in the Notice of Acceptance. Your coverage will remain in effect for each month for which premiums are received on or before the date it is due, or within the grace period.

This plan is subject to Guaranteed Renewabilty.

New to Part B discount

Members who apply within six months of their Part B effective date qualify for $30 off their monthly premium for the first 12 months. This applies to any policies with an effective date of February 1, 2020 or after.

Note: Any qualifying individual will forfeit their discount if canceled due to non-payment during the first 12 months of enrollment.